Musicals for children by Barbara Winther in collaboration with Dave Bristow and the late Allen Strange.

Culture and social skills are experienced not taught. These musicals are fun, giving children opportunities for interaction and cooperation, working together on a production--capstone experiences. The materials provided with each musical include a Production CD (full performance music that takes the place of a live orchestra), vocal scores, copies of the Playbook with Production Notes, and a rehearsal CD.

We also publish novels by Barbara Winther, available for sale on or at your local book store.

"The scripts are fun for middle grades and the tunes are catchy."
Susan R, Anderson, Drama in Education Specialist

"Our double cast of 63 children ages 6 - 16 thoroughly enjoyed producing Shiver Me Timbers! The upbeat dialogue is action packed and the brilliant score inspired a standing ovation. The set can be as simple or elaborate as your creativity and budget will allow. I highly recommend this production to groups of all ages." Kerby Criss, Executive Director, Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre