Born in Washington, D.C., Barbara Winther spent her early years on an island in Maine. She moved to California and eventually became an elementary school teacher, then taught on university level. For ten years she was an actress, in Santa Barbara with Alecama Players, Repertory Theater, Lobero Theatre and a number of Summer Stock companies. Now retired, she lives with her husband, Grant, on Bainbridge Island, WA.
To date, Barbara, a member of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), has written the book, music and lyrics for four musicals for children. All have been produced, the latest in November 2007 by Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre. She also dramatizes folk tales, turning them into one-act plays that help children key into a culture and understand why the story was passed down orally for so many generations. Fifty-six of her one-act plays have been published, eighteen reprinted in anthologies.

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Dave Bristow

Since the end of 2008, Dave Bristow has adopted his friend and colleague's role in the musical production of Barbara's work. Dave was born in London and began to study music on the piano at the age of five. He performs both as a professional piano and keyboard player, appearing on a number of albums as well as touring and developing his interest in music synthesis. Internationally recognized as one of the important contributors to the development and voicing of FM synthesis, Dave has co-authored a text-book on the subject with Dr John Chowning. Dave has taught courses on electronic music synthesis and related acoustics in Europe and the USA. He moved to the US in 1995 and now lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington with his wife and two daughters, performing, composing and teaching Digital Music Technology.

Allen Strange (1945 - 2008)

A musical pioneer in the field of electronic and computer music, Allen was past president of the International Computer Music Association and Professor of music at San Jose State University. In his work with Barbara, Allen arranged the music for computer-based "Virtual orchestras" and provided songs and instrumental sequences on CDs.