Sir Dumbarton, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, falls off his horse, loses his shield, and runs away from battles. He considers himself a failure and decides to give up knighthood and return to his village to be a minstrel. Sadie, a lowly serving wench, considers him a goodly knight because he treats her as if she were a Lady of the Court. She gives him a magic talisman rose from Merlin the Magician to make him brave.

The Fearful Dragon of Skidoo roars into the village and slithers toward Sadie. Believing the magic rose will give him courage, Dumbarton engages in a fierce battle to save Sadie and the village. About to administer the final blow to kill the dragon, Dumbarton realizes this isn’t how he wants to handle the creature and sings “Let’s Be Friends.” Mesmerized and homesick for its cave, the dragon weeps, putting out its fire. King Arthur arrives to find the dragon defeated. Dumbarton insists he only accomplished this deed because of the magic rose. Merlin informs him the rose had no magic. “You can do anything if you believe you can.” King Arthur grants Dumbarton his two wishes: dubs him a knightly minstrel and makes Sadie a Lady of the Court

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Characters: 7 m; 6 f; 6 m or f (Dagonet, Merlin, Grandmother/Grandfather, Fish Peddler, Head and Tail of Dragon); and Chorus/Townspeople. Note--Dagonet, Lady Marion, Sebastian, and Sir Lionel can play Townspeople; Queen and Cora can play Head and Tail of Dragon.

Playing Time: About an hour, depending on amount of time used for dancing and staging of dragon fight.

Costumes: Medieval. Foil covered cardboard tied on for armor (shin, breast and sleeve plates). Long, flowing dresses for Court ladies with cone-shaped cardboard hats draped with filmy curtains. Commoner women wear sleeveless, long cotton dresses over blouses, aprons and sashes. Commoner men wear tights, short tunics over turtle-necked shirts, capes and jaunty caps. Poorest people wear hooded burlap robes. Merlin wears long gown with felt stars sewn on, pointed hat, white yarn wig, and dramatic cape; he carries a wand. King and Queen wear crowns. Dragon has papier mậché head and green oilcloth body with actors wearing green tights and tops.

Properties: Autoharp, trumpet, swords (rubber or wooden), shields (painted garbage can lids ) guitar, shinplates, silver plates (paper plates covered with foil), rag, rose, muffin pan, broom, bucket, basket of fish (cloth-stuffed), Long Johns (red if possible).

Setting: Act I--backdrop curtain, three, shoulder-high flats, painted to look like gray stones (center flat has tower at one end); riser with throne, four chairs and round table; bench; torch (suggest flagpole stand and pole with flame cutout attached to top). Act II--if a more complex backdrop desired, pull Act I backdrop curtains aside to reveal mural of medieval town; tree (remove flame from torch and replace with cutout of tree top); well (suggest large garbage can or cardboard box, covered with butcher paper painted to look like gray stone--Merlin must be able to crawl in and out); drape crepe paper vine over walls.

Lighting: Regular stage lights except when lights dim and red flood shines on from off left at times indicated in script. Spot on Dumbarton and Dragon for "Let's Be Friends."

Sound: Suggest taped and amplified sound at times indicated in script. List: Clop of horses (slap hands against legs), squeak as drawbridge opens and bang as it strikes road (open lid of squeaky-hinged box or door, then slam it), clop of horses across bridge (beat chest with fists), squeak of drawbridge closing and hollow bang as it strikes wall (same sounds as before), horses stomp about in courtyard (vocal neighs, slapping of legs); repeat above sound effects with added crash as Dumbarton falls off horse (drop box or suitcase full of metal pans) then footsteps in courtyard (stomp in place), then repeat drawbridge closing; pig snorting and grunting; pig squealing; marketplace sounds, such as peddlers calling wares, bells tinkling, car squeaking over cobblestones, rooster crowing, etc.; roaring, snarling, and hissing of Dragon; drumbeat for village chant (works better live); loud honk for Dragon blowing nose (bicycle horn).

Special Effects: Simulate smoke from Dragon's head (dry ice in screened-top container) at time indicated in script.

arrow Selected Audio Excerpts performed by "Side by Side"
I'm Not a Knight (Dumbarton and Squire)
Call Me a Lady (Sadie and Chorus)
Merlin the Magic Man (Merlin)
Lament of the Dying Dragon ( Dragon,
Townspeople, and Chorus